English Guide

This page is English User Guide for Graduate Schools for Law and Politics / Faculty of Law Library, including the guide of “Foreign Law Materials Reading Room.”

UTokyo OPAC’s Location

Location Document Type (Floor)
Law.Lib. Books (L1 floor to L4 floor)[stacks], (L6 floor)[open shelves]
Law.Periodicals Periodicals (L5 floor to L6 floor) [open shelves]
Law.Case/Ref Casebooks(in Japanese), reference books (L4 floor) [open shelves]
Law.Foreign Foreign Law Materials (L6 floor) [open shelves]
Law.LS Books for LS students (L6 floor) [open shelves]
Pub.Law.Lib. Books for GraSSP students (L1 floor) [stacks]
Law.RareBooks Rare Books, Semi-Rare Books, etc. [prior application]
Law.Lib.B1 Foreign law materials (Building No.4 B1) [stacks]
Law.Lib.B2 Old classification books, special collections, old official gazettes
(Building No.4 B2) [stacks]
Law.Legal History Research materials on legal history [prior application]


Service hours

9:00 to 17:00, weekdays
(Circulation, registration: 9:00 to 16:30)

※17:00 to 21:00, weekdays, 9:00 to 17:30, Saturdays: restricted to persons affiliated with Graduate Schools for Law and Politics and Graduate School of Public Policy

Closing days

Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, etc

For details : see https://www.lib.j.u-tokyo.ac.jp/guide/servicehours.html

Eligibility for use of library

Members inside the University

Faculty members, graduate students, undergraduate students and university personnel

Non member of the University

Members of other university or research organization, students of other university or research organization, others

Requirements for admission to library

Members inside the University

Presentation the University ID card or Univ. of Tokyo Library System card (IC card type or Bar code type) at the library service desk.

Non member of the University

Please e-mail the Library Service Section with your name, contact details, specifics on the material you are requesting (Call No., Barcode No., name and issue) and the date when you would like to use the material. With the UTokyo OPAC, you can search for the books and journals held by the University of Tokyo.

For details : see https://www.lib.j.u-tokyo.ac.jp/guide/gakugairinji.html (in Japanese)

Requirements for reading in library

Admission to the stacks is permitted for persons belonging to the Graduate Schools for Law and Politics and Graduate School of Public Policy.

Anyone other than this, please fill out application form for circulation.


Members of Graduate Schools for Law and Politics and Graduate School of Public Policy may take books/materials to research/study rooms on university grounds. Books/materials from the Faculty of Law Library cannot be taken outside the university.

For GraSPP students: see also https://www.lib.j.u-tokyo.ac.jp/guide/member.html#hoka

Non members are not permitted to take books out of the library.

Intra-university delivery service

Borrowing service not available (copy service only)


Photocopying permitted/not permitted

※Materials for which photocopying is prohibited: seriously damaged or degraded materials.

Photocopying hours

Same as regular library hours.

Procedures for photocopying

Fill out an application form and submit the form at the library service desk to obtain permission for photocopying (self-service).

Cost per sheet copied

10 yen / color 50 yen

Contact information

Section Library Service Section
Phone 03-5841-3137(Direct), Ext. 23137
Fax 03-5841-3200
Address 4th Floor, Faculty of Law Building No. 3
7-3-1 Hongo
Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033

The personal information obtained will be used only for library services to the applicant.
The information will not be provided or transferred to a third party without the consent of the applicant unless otherwise required by law.